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Hi, my name is Ravi Rane and I am a lifestyle and love photographer currently based in Vancouver, Canada, and my work takes me around the British Columbia & Toronto, Ontario.

My roots are from the bustling mega-city of Mumbai, India, where growing up I drew inspiration from my Dad’s photography and artwork: His clean compositions and perspectives drew me into photography early on. Armed with my point and shoot “Minolta” film camera, I captured whatever looked good to my eyes. It was then that I first discovered my love for photography and started using my camera to express my thoughts and feelings in different forms. 

To me, every subject – whether it be humans, abstract, landscapes, architecture or wildlife – is an art form which I capture with my eyes and camera. In the words of the great photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson: “For me photography is to play head, heart and eye along the same line of sight”. I invite you to join me on this visual journey. 

My areas of focus are portrait, lifestyle and landscape (travel) photography. 

My preferred camera to shoot with is my Sony A7III, although I also work with Nikon and Fuji from time to time. 

I offer my photography services through thoughtfully curated packages, or you can contact me through the contact tab for a custom quote for your project.

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